The Myth of Dawn.


The beasts of the Serengeti adorn themselves in sharp suits and suave ties but this is merely a rouse of surety for the gullible masses. Not expositing the truth and bringing to light the night’s labour spent behind the lighthouse lamp, hidden from the ships that slumber around the harbour of life. Before day breaks, sweat lays shattered at the feet of mirrors malevolence. Reflected back is the creature with his iron spiralled victims sprawled across the matted terrain, all gifts from the Greeks, he tested their weight and found himself ascended. His sculpted muscles sway in prominence as aRead More »


His Melancholy Smile


“You are just like your Father.” Words that echoed through the cortex of the abandoned boy still cruelly tainted with that familiar face. The face of one that caused the blood of his beloved mother to run volatile and hark vocals that forced his earlobes to quiver. The funny thing is this face would become more like his estranged paternal donor as he got older, baring a smile that saluted his senior’s suaveness. This was not by choiceRead More »