My name’s Nathaniel Rochester I’m a London based writer of Jamaican descent and have a passion for sculpting narrative through words. I studied Drama for seven years from school to college, then switched to Video Games Design (Media Production) in which I achieved a Triple Merit from there I transitioned to studying Creative Writing at university in which I earned my 2.1 Bachelor’s degree. ¬†I write all manner of prose such as short stories, novels, articles and flash fiction. I also do some poetry in particular Japanese haiku’s and have a great love of screenplays. I wrote this blog to showcase my style of writing, develop my technique, have fun and to engage in the art with other people building connections through the platform. I freelance so I’m always looking for opportunities to get commissioned work, work with other creatives and lend my abilities to different projects.

My interests are quite eclectic ranging from Football to Mixed Martial Arts, Lupe Fiasco to Ellie Goulding, The Matrix to Lost in Translation, Shakespeare to Maya Angelou, The Art of War to The War of Art, Che Guevara to Mao Zhendong,  Japanese anime to Jean Michel Basquiat, Burberry shirts to the tunics of the Knights Templar, and Metal Gear Solid to Deschapelles coup.

Thank you again and if you want to know a little more about my peculiar psyche, I’ve written a rather more dramatic piece of prose about my life that I hope will give you a little more insight to my beginnings. Just click the link below.


Peace and love everybody.